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John / October 16th, 2019

She’s had a decades long career filled with red carpet moments in couture Chanel and dazzling Rodarte. Her profile has steadily risen from her fame-securing “Interview with a Vampire” role, at 12, to a Gap ad, at age 17, turns as Mary Jane in the pre-Marvel multiverse “Spider-Man” films and the title role in “Marie Antoinette.” But Kirsten Dunst insists she’s a homebody. “I don’t leave the fricking house,” she said. “I like being at home. My favorite thing to do is to eat dinner in bed. It’s so luxurious.”

Cocooning has long been a favored strategy for Ms. Dunst—she used to get Del Taco regularly delivered to her home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Toluca Lake—but it suits the 37-year-old actress especially well these days, given that she’s a fairly new mom. Ennis, her son with her “Fargo” co-star Jesse Plemons, turned one in May.

At the moment, motherhood also means that Ms. Dunst “really can’t fit into any of my clothes,” she explained. In turn, her style calculus has changed. “It’s about what I feel good in,” she said. “I’ve done the fashion-plate thing, and now I can do the comfortable thing.”

Ms. Dunst, who hails from Point Pleasant, N.J., shares her new indifference to glamour with Krystal, the water-park employee on-the-make that she currently plays on the Showtime television series “On Becoming a God in Central Florida.” Enormous advertisements around Los Angeles feature Ms. Dunst’s visage and beaming smile—in braces.

“That’s Krystal on the billboard, not me,” she said. “But I keep getting texts from my friends about it.” Here, she talks about her repository of clothing past, her favorite getaways and “Marie Antoinette” director Sofia Coppola, whom she describes as her “sister who lives in New York.”

My favorite city right now is: Austin, Texas. Jesse has a home there, and I just feel the most happy and free there. All the food is amazing. I had the best meal of my life at the sushi restaurant Uchi.

My favorite hotel is: GoldenEye in Jamaica. It’s just very chill and feels like a community hotel. Everyone becomes friends and you get drunk with the bartenders. Grace Jones would just pop over to swim. I went there with Laura and Kate Mulleavy after we did our movie “Woodshock” together, as a little vacation.

The piece of clothing I’ll never get rid of is: my Calvin Klein jeans from eighth grade. I can’t fit into them anymore, but they are sacred to me. I keep a lot of clothes, mostly from my youth—like this perfect Marc Jacobs jean skirt I wore all through my 20s. Half of my son’s closet is $12 vintage dresses I can’t let go of, and the den is filled with fancy clothes I’ve worn to events.

The best gift for a mom is: a face-lift. Isn’t that what all moms want? Or a vacation. I bought my own mom a house. I’m a good daughter.

These days I’m wearing: a lot of sweats, jeans and whatever summer dress fits. Right now, I’m either a slob or on a talk show. I’m into sweats by Entireworld. They’re so soft, they have pockets, they come in really beautiful colors and you still look like you’re trying when you wear them. I have some high-waisted jeans from the Row I like. They fit really well.

From Sofia Coppola’s closet, I’d steal: oh my God, everything. She’s the chicest woman I know. Her father gave her a heart diamond necklace that’s just beautiful—I’d definitely steal that.

My favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is: my Fred Leighton engagement ring. It’s the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen. It’s from the 1800s in Paris. Jesse [knew to go to] Fred Leighton. I’ve been working with them for years.

My beauty regimen includes: ISUN Ultra Sapphire moisturizing oil for my face. It’s always worked for me. I use Heritage Store Rosewater Mist every day to give me a little oomph. I like Weleda deodorant and body moisturizer—that’s pretty simple stuff. If you use it every other day, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 takes away wrinkles and you never break out. It’s the best secret. For shampoo and conditioner, I like Virtue. It’s very good and it heals damaged blond hair.
As a new mother who prefers to spend on her kid, I’m nevertheless tempted to buy myself: these little gold hoops by Anita Ko I’ve been wearing to do press recently. They’re a good size. They’re small, but they’re thick.

I only really spend money on: my house. I invested young in furniture when I had “Spider-Man” money. We have some eclectic old stuff and I like BDDW when I go shopping for new things. We redid our house a year ago. It looks like a European ranch house in Sweden but in the 1970s. It feels like we’re on vacation: just comfy, as if you went away to Ojai. We have a cedar soaking tub, and Terremoto does our landscaping.

I recently binge watched: “Couples Therapy” on Showtime. It’s just the dynamics of people talking about their problems, but the therapist is very good. Having Jesse in the house, we also watched [Ken Burns’ 16-hour documentary] “Country Music” in two days. I loved it.

My favorite visual artist is: Yayoi Kusama. I first went into her installation called “Fireflies on the Water” in 2012. It was an emotional experience. It reminded me of watching fireflies at night on the dock in New Jersey when I was a kid.

I’d love to have dinner with: Abraham Lincoln. And Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Joni Mitchell. It’d be funny to have Joni Mitchell and Abraham Lincoln making out.

The book that most shaped me was: “Ham on Rye” [by Charles Bukowski]. I loved reading Bukowski when I was 17. A boy gave it to me. I also love “Franny and Zooey,” especially the quote about acting for God.

Marshall Heyman, The Wall Street Journal

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