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My name is Jess. I live in England with my boyfriend and two cats. I have a 1st in Graphic Design. I love fashion, cocktails, rollercoatsers, watersports and croissants. I live for the satisfaction of a finished product. I don’t stalk Kirsten, I’m just a fan like any of you. I started this fansite when I had a lot of free time during the school holidays …!

After I graduated in 2006 I worked for MTV London and designed film posters at Empire Design. I also launched my own film website in The Fan Carpet where we regularly attend premieres, review films and of course host fansites too.

After maintaining Kirsten-Dunst.Org for nearly 10 years I found I just didn’t have the time and effort to keep this site going to the level it deserves, so this is where John has saved the site! John has been working hard to keep the site up-to-date for fans regularly since 2005, and I’m forever grateful.

Why Kirsten?

I became a fan of Kirsten back in 1996 when Interview with the Vampire hit VHS! At the same time I started to “surf” the “Internet”, I wanted to create a fansite, so Kirsten was my subject. As some of you web geeks might remember, this site came to life on “Geocities” with a black background and big blue links! lol.

In 1997, I saw both Jumanji and fifteen and pregnant and I Kirstens performances really stood out. We had just got a computer at home with the internet and I looked Kirsten up. I found a few small websites but not a lot, so I chose Kirsten as my subject and taught myself how to build a website.

Since then I have followed Kirstens career and supported every film she’s made. I have been fortunate enough to meet Kirsten a few times, first at the Elizabethtown premiere in London and then at the Spider-Man premiere in London. As part of The Fan Carpet we have also spoken to Kirsten for film promotion here in the UK and I have attended a couple of the premieres but not had a chance to speak to Kirsten again. I know that I wouldn’t have come this far in the world of film and web without the inspiration of Kirsten Dunst, so thank you.

Site History.

The site was actually opened back in 1997! Can you believe it, I was just 13-years-old.

When I first got my own computer I decided I wanted to learn how to build a webpage. Kirsten was my subject. We were similar in age, both blonde too, only I wasn’t an up and coming movie star that got to kiss Brad Pitt! In Sept 1999 I bought the domain name hoping to increase the traffic at my site. Within a year the site was getting 3,000 visitors a day and the fanbase was growing fast!

In 2001 I moved to – they were great up until a massive server crash where I lost all my files. After that I got a new host with more space! In Late 2002, thanks so much to my friend, Jason, at Reliable Hosting he gave us a home for over a year, with no pop-ups banners or any kind of return favor, simply kindness. Unfortunately Jason’s hosting company encountered some of their own problems and we had to leave, but we enjoyed our stay very much and a huge THANK you goes out to Jason for all his help. This year I also received a call from Kirstens manager Eric Kranzler, who thanked me for all my hard work. Not long after that Kirstens best friend Molly Hanrahan email me and we stayed in contact for a little while.

In October 2003, and Thanks to Tom we were hosted at Affordable Computer Services In return for free web space I placed a weblink from Kirsten Dunst dot Org to ACS , please help support Tom and his business by visiting the site. Thanks ever so much Tom for looking after us for so long!

In, October 2004, I decided to pay for my own hosting, I thought if I did it would mean I would have less problems, I don’t have the time to correct all the problems and hick-ups a free host can sometime encounter. I thought if I pay at least I know I should be looked after! I paid $25 a month to Oktagone and £60 a year for the domain name. (Looking back I can’t believe how expensive a domain name was!!) On Feb 20th 2004 the site went down due to Oktagone not paying their bills. I was gutted.. not again I thought* … I lost out on a months payment and had a few weeks hassle of finding yet another new host.

From February 2005, I paid for my own hosting at ($29.99 a month) and on top of that the £60 a year for the domain name. I relied on your generous donations to keep the site going. Unlike now, when a lot of celebrities pay  for their fansites hosting and or donate computer equipment – I went it alone! Well, myself and the fans.

From August 2006, I switched hosting companies from Hasweb to Fuzion Hosting, (Thanks to Marc who gave a good home to the site for 6 months). In February 2007 we moved to our very own dedicated server where we were finally able to manage everything reliably. Marc and I set up The Fan Carpet, which at the time was just dedicated to hosting fansites. Since I know what it’s like to lose fansite content – I really take pride in looking after other young, fansites and help them to grow.

Finally, a special thanks to ‘Ryan’ from ‘The complete Kirsten Dunst Site’ who from the very beginning helped me through making images to creating my first HTML code! =) Thanks to Marc for hosting the forum and the media clips, Phil and Javier for supporting us financially when we needed it, your all wonderful friends who won’t be forgotten.

Most importantly, thank you John. You have been the rock for this fansite for the past 10 years – it’s likely it wouldn’t have survived without you. Thank you for everything you have done for me and Kirsten-Dunst.Org


Kirsten Dunst dot Org is a fansite and has no official affiliation with Kirsten Dunst or any of her projects. All articles, photos, videos, etc. are used without permission of their creators (who legally hold their respective copyrights). The information presented here is simply collected from publicly aired and published sources. Most of the material on this site is available at public libraries, video stores, etc. and that this site is in no way trying to infringe on the respective copyrights or businesses of these entities. All original content : © 1998-2014 Kirsten Dunst News and may not be reproduced without expressed written permission of the site owner. No material on this site may be modified, copied, reproduced, republished, or distributed in any manner without permission. You may print and download portions of content and material from this site solely for your own personal, non-commercial use, provided that you agree not to change any copyright or proprietary notice from the materials. This site is non-commercial and all advertising revenue and profits are used to maintain the site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Welcome, Fans

Welcome to Kirsten-Dunst.Org, the original and largest Kirsten Dunst fansite. In a career on film and television that spans the last four decades, Kirsten has made a name for herself with memorable performances in Interview with the Vampire, Fargo, The Virgin Suicides, the Spider-Man franchise, Wimbledon, Melancholia and many many more.

Proud to be the flagship Fansite for The Fan Carpet, Kirsten-Dunst[dot]Org and our gallery site have been online for over 20 years, we have been lucky enough to meet Kirsten in person and she is as warm, kind and beautiful as you see on screen.

The site is home to over 75,000 photos. John, Jess & Marc will continue to update you with all things Kirsten Dunst. Enjoy your visit and check back with us soon!

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