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(1997) Unconfirmed by Kirsten:

Kirsten met Jake through Dustin Hofman during the filming of Wag the Dog. They were only seen out together a few times, maybe they dated maybe they didn’t… but its the first dating rumour for Kirsten.

(1998) Unconfirmed by Kirsten: Josh and Kirsten met whilst filming The Virgin Suicides in 1998. They apparently dated for about 8 months but were rarely seen out together except when promoting The Virgin Suicides. Director, Sofia Coppola wanted Josh to take Kirsten to her High School Prom, but she opted for a schoolmate.


(2000) Confirmed by Kirsten: Josh and Ben met in 2001’s Get Over It. Ben’s character was enamoured with Dunst, the same was apparently true off-set. Kirsten confirmed the relationship during a magazine interview. This is the only image found of the two together- at a Sofia Coppola event in 2000, whilst filming ‘Crazy/Beautiful‘.

(2001) Confirmed by Photography: We have no idea how or where Kirsten and Alex Greenwald (lead singer of Phantom Planet) met, I assume she is a fan of his music. There were many photographs taken of the two out and about, Kissing and at a few of his concerts, but never a mention from Kirsten herself in any articles.

(2002) Unconfirmed by Kirsten: Its 99% likely that these two were dating. Its still to this day un-admitted by Kirsten, but with all the press and photographs of them holding hands and always out together I’m pretty confident that the two were dating. One source says that Tobey would always be out with the ‘DiCaprio Posey’ drinking and flirting with girls. One day the phone rang while Tobey was in an LA Club & a few minutes later Tobey left. Late 2002 it was reported that the two were at an event, standing no more than 10 feet apart, but did not exchange a single word all night long, it was obvious they were avoiding each other.

(2003) Confirmed by Kirsten: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten were both working on ‘Mona Lisa Smile‘ when she said to Kirsten ‘You know you two should get talking’ and Kirsten was like’ whatever’. A few weeks later Maggie set up a date and the two dated for about 2 years, bought a 1.7 million dollar house and adopted a German Shepard dog. They split up in June 2004. They still remained close and appeared to have rekindled their relationship in summer 2005, but this was short-lived. (A shame because I thought they made the cutist couple and were going to last a long time).

(2007) Confirmed by Kirsten: Kirsten first met Johnny Borrell at a Razorlight gig in Los Angeles. A source speaking to US Weekly Magazine said, “Kirsten was there rocking out and just got really into him.” “She and her friends went right to the side of the stage and danced like crazy to every song. She was in a great mood, knew every word and was mesmerized by Johnny. She kept calling things out to him and giggling.” The couple split after a few months.

(2008) Unconfirmed by Kirsten: Kirsten and Justin Long were first spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at La Poubelle restaurant in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. The cagey couple were observed engaging in non-platonic behavior. They openly indulged in public displays of affection.

(2008) Unconfirmed by Kirsten: Filmmaker Jacob Soboroff and Kirsten worked on a documentary about voting. “Yes, they’re dating,” the insider told a mag — rather tersely, we might add. Although her rep revealed to that they just “great friends” and there is “no romantic involvement at all.”

(2010-11) Confirmed by Kirsten: Kirsten was first spotted at Jason Boesel gigs for his band Rilo Kiley, for which he drums. They were together for just over a year and photographed constantly, shopping, eating out, at LAX.. you name it.

(2011-Now) Confirmed by Kirsten: Kirsten and Garrett Hedlund met in 2001 when they filmed “On The Road” together. Speaking about their romance, Garrett told Us magazine: ‘It just works. I think it’s respect.’ Kirsten added ‘Sometimes, you need your knight in shining armor. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work.’

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