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Version 19 – October 2014 :: The Editorial

What a beautiful “editorial” style layout by the ever-so-talented Eduardo. Thank you so much. This layout features the photographs by David Bellemere used in The Edit Magazine (September 2014) 9/10

Version 19 – March 2013 :: Cool & Classic Blue

The wonderful Frederik from SimplyStreep.Com designed this layout theme. While it still kept with the “fansite” feel it had a much cleaner, more sophisticated feel about it. Absolutely loved this look which stayed up for over a year and a half. Mid way though we changed the main image as some fans complained that the high button shirt was not their favorite Kirsten photo – (probably the men!) 9/10

Version 19 – July 2012 :: Pure and Purple

Hello Purple made this beautiful WP design. We loved the circle feature and the embossing/dropshadows but not over-ly keen on the colour scheme, however like all our layouts it had its time and the fans were pleased for a new look! 6/10

Version 19 – March 2011 :: Welcome to WordPress

Kat from DK Designs made our very first layout for WordPress, it was so clean and fresh, We loved it! 7/10

Version 19 – April 2010 :: Welcome to WordPress

Another not so successful design, but hey it’s always nice to keep changing them, right? 6/10

Version 19 – September 2008 :: Green Light

This one went up pretty quickly as I got bored of the last design, in hindsight, this one wasn’t very good either – however the video spotlight promo was a new idea and we were so excited about Kirstens new film, especially as  lot of it was filmed in the UK. Kirsten was spending a lot of time here then and I had just moved to London myself. 7/10

Version 19 – April 2008 :: Pink Gloves

I wasn’t too keen on this design, especially after I loved the last one so much. However the use of colour was lovely and fresh. 6/10

Version 19 – October 2007 :: Midnight Silence

.. and we’re back to winter! so I went for this midnight look. I was blown away with the beauty and essence of Kirsten that Lula magazine had, so I was itching to get my fingers onto some of the scans so I could create a layout. This emphasises on Kirsten’s playful and child-at-heart side. Its possibly a little too cluttered and maybe slightly text heavy, however I wanted to try a new font, something different to Tahoma… I’m not sure if it works.. we shall see what the feedback is like. 🙂 I also changed the layout for kirstenimages and kikiclips to match. 7/10

Version 18 – June 2007 :: Pure White

This layout was made very quickly. I just felt I wanted a change. The site needed brightening up again! So we went all white – with hint of vibrant orange. Quotes by Kirsten were featured in a flash rotation document. I think it was a cute simple layout. John hated the tiny text but I thought for a few months, it did the job nicely. 8/10

Version 16 – February 2007 :: Character

I wanted to do something really unique for this layout. I wanted to have a bigger and bolder focus on image and not text. I made a rotating banner in flash featuring a recent photoshoot. I wanted the colours to be different and I loved the way this purple and yellow blended together. It has been very well received, but my only negative point is that it does take a while to load! 8/10.

Version 15 – April 2005 :: Eat Cake

I went for a rich and warm feel with this layout. Featuring the stunning new movie stills from Marie Antoinette. Although the feel of Marie Antoinette is quite different to this corporate structure, I think they compliment each other well. This Marie Antoinette movie will not be what we expect, so why not use that as a basis of a design. Satisfaction is a 8/10

Version 14 – September 2005 :: A New Beginning

This was my first attempt into creating something with flash! Yes ok so I used a template, but yay it worked, the navigation and that top graphic were all made in flash! See things really are improving. I worry that the Yellow and the Pink maaay be a little too bright, but it is summer after all and well… the new members zone makes everything just so wow. I’m so pleased with this whole concept, and I really hope it goes down well with the fans. Satisfaction is a 8.5/10


Version 13 – May 2005 :: Natural Earth

I love this layout, simply because I did it ALL by myself, I even did the groovy lil’ animated buttons in flash! They took emaout 8 hours, but hey Im so chuffed! I also love the feel of the layout and the new Thursday Island Photographs are amazing, I just had to feature them. All is good n fresh here at this may 😉
Graphic! Satisfaction is a 7/10

Version 12 – January 2005 :: Faded Light

A Huge Than You to Charmaine for creating the graphics for this layout! I really do love it. It’s Uhrmm very Pink, so Im unsure how the lads are going to react. But I like it, I love it! (I do love pink too though) Nooo but seriously I am soo pleased. Its taken ages to get all the pages working using my new Dreamweaver Programme. Did you know there are a total of 146 pages in the wesite! Uh huh! Not including the image gallery that is! Phowa I am pleased! 🙂 Anyway thanks again Charmaine and thanks to Mischa B.Com for the Gallery Graphic! Satisfaction is a 8.5/10

Version 11 – October 2004 :: Winter Sun

Well, as some of you regular visitors might notice I have had this layout up before, it was only for about a few days, but I had so much negativity about it, I took it down. So, with a small re vamp, I’ve launched it again, just because as much as I loved the previous one I felt like a change and to be honest I spent a long time on this one, so it may as well have some time in the lime-light! 😉 Satisfaction is a 7/10

Version 10 – August 2004 :: Total Summer Beauty

I had only intended to make a few tweaks on the previous layout, but uhmm well it ended up quite different! Same navigation idea and iframe usage but a total new fresh summer feel, which I really do like. I love the previous layout too and I think the two are my favourites but still very different. Satisfaction is a 9/10

Version 9 – April 2004 :: Beauty

I found these gorgeous photographs and I just had to do a layout with them – it’s Easter and i’m on the net a lot – so whoopi it took me 2 days but i think its worth it! 9/10

Version 8 – February 2004 :: The Future

Im pleased with this layout – I feel that gradually im learning the new graphic techniques, and im please to have this layout featured. Well Done Me. =) 8.5/10

Version 7.2 – September 2003 :: Digitally Orang’e

I takes me sooo long these days just to re-vamp the site, so I kept the layout mostly the same, as it appears to be a hit, but simply changed the colour scheme, its an orange/yellow/red look at the moment! Hope you like it – i do.  8/10

Version 7 – June 2003 :: Digitally Blue

Well, im not too sure about this design. At first thought it was great! but now looking at it – it might be a little to ‘busy’, anyway I felt like a change, so this will have to do…  7/10

Version 6 – April 2003 :: An Ultimate Ambition

Not that I didn’t love the previous design – I just wanted something new. This design was done all by myself. Over the last few months I figured out how to use PS and wow – its really does produce much better graphics than PSP. I think its ok, not as great as the previous ones but it’ll do for now!  7.5/10

Version 5 – October 2002

I love this design, the main image of Kirsten is just so cute! The red is also bright and colourful, I think this is once again, a brilliant fresh new look for Kirsten Dunst [dot] Org. Designed @ Starstruck . (Thanks Linda and Isa). I have used a lot more images of Kirsten around the pages and made a lot of ‘Quick Links’ so I hope the navigation is even easier for you. * also moved to new host – yeay NO POPUPS!  8.9/10

Version 4 – May 2002

This is my favorite design so far, its designed by Linda @ Starstruck designs. I particularly love the colour scheme and graphics. Its also a lot easier to navigate than the previous version. Linda was very very helpful and only took two days to create the layout! I was very impressed! Thanks again Linda for this wonderful design. 9/10

Version 3 – January 2002

This design was made by Charmaine @ Fallen Stazs . Although I had to wait nearly 2 months for the design, it was well worth it! Fans very very impressed by the graphics. The only complaint was that the main frame was too small. People with high resolutions found it hard to view the site. Looked great in 800×600 though! 8/10

Version 2 – May 2001

Again, I proudly designed this layout! I used the three similar photos from ‘Venice Magazine’. These were my favorite pics at the time. It was a pop-up window, only problem was the main frame at the bottom was a little small. Simple but effective! 🙂  7/10

Version 1 – November 2000

This is the earliest design I was able to take a screen cap for. I am proud to say I designed this layout! I was only 16, and had very few html skills but I think I did a pretty good job! We were hosted at at this point. Its a very basic design, but I was pleased. Easy to navigate too. 6/10

Welcome, Fans

Welcome to Kirsten-Dunst.Org, the original and largest Kirsten Dunst fansite. In a career on film and television that spans the last four decades, Kirsten has made a name for herself with memorable performances in Interview with the Vampire, Fargo, The Virgin Suicides, the Spider-Man franchise, Wimbledon, Melancholia and many many more.

Proud to be the flagship Fansite for The Fan Carpet, Kirsten-Dunst[dot]Org and our gallery site have been online for over 20 years, we have been lucky enough to meet Kirsten in person and she is as warm, kind and beautiful as you see on screen.

The site is home to over 75,000 photos. John, Jess & Marc will continue to update you with all things Kirsten Dunst. Enjoy your visit and check back with us soon!

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