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Kirsten Dunst is Mary Jane Watson in Spider- Man 3. In the previous two movies we see them getting close to each other. In Spider- Man 3 they are finally coming together. Mary Jane is in love with Peter from the beginning but she is confused whether Peter is in love with her. At the same time, she is struggling to become an actress. With Kirsten talks about various aspects of her character in the latest episode of Spiderman.

Question: So, James and Tobey mentioned that there was a certain degree of collaboration with Sam when it came to developing this third movie, much more so probably than in the first two films. Did you find that yourself, with Mary-Jane her whole thing?

Kirsten Dunst: I did. Because Sam, you know, now they’re in a relationship so now you have to deal with real relationship stuff and I was happy Mary-Jane finally got a gig. Sam, you know, obviously he’s the one who developed the story line and everything but he was open to our suggestions.

Can you talk about the singing? That’s really you singing?

Yeah, yeah.

Was that nerve racking or ….

I got to pre-record it so I just lip-synced.

Do you enjoy that part of showing you off in that way?

It was fun. It was fun to do.

What kind of films would you rather make? I know you got a blast out of Spider-Man, you also make great movies like The Cat’s Meow and certain art house films. How do you find the balance in your career? What do you like to do the most?

Well Sam to me is a very independent spirit and motto to me. Like working with Sam, he’s the most collaborative director I’ve ever worked with. To me it’s like doing a small film, obviously on a large scale but when it comes to the scenes and the relationships it’s treated like any other movie. It’s very important for all of us. But I look at movies big and small, like the bigger movies take longer to make and you have to do more for them, you know what I mean? And usually it’s a little bit more coverage too. So those are the things. Those are the elements. Like do I want to spend six months of my life doing this film?

Now the whole Spider-Man 4 question of course has been coming up. Sam did say that if neither you nor Toby came in to do Spider-Man 4 then he would be likely not to want to do it.

Right. I feel the same way. I would only do it with Sam and Toby. I mean, you can’t do that the fans #1, you can’t do that to each other – we’re a team and we’ve grown up together now and what makes this movie special is our collaboration together. And yeah, I wouldn’t do it without Sam and Toby.

Has anybody approached that you yet?

Not really. I mean but we never felt like it was really over anyway so I just think there’ll probably be a slight reprieve and we’ll come back and …

Was there one point you did say that three would be enough?

Yeah and I do think it’s enough – I feel like we ended a chapter with the film definitely. I think this is, this book is closed and now we’ll approach it in another way that will refresh all of us. I mean we always had really amazing actors who have come in and played our villains. People respect this franchise. They respect Spider-Man. And they know we want to make the best film every time that we can.

What about a more wild Mary Jane like in the comics?

Well Mary Jane is a little bit more like sexed up than the comics. I mean I do wear a padded bra in the film but, you know, we wanted to develop Jane and make her a woman that all the girls can look up to.

Would you want Mary Jane to be more like a party girl in another film?

I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes. I don’t know. I haven’t thought about – all I’m thinking about is this movie right now. And that’s not up to me.

Are there any thematic aspects of this movie that you could identify with in any way with the relationship side of it or the whole comment on celebrity culture?

So many things. So many things, this movie is so, you know, good and evil. Religion plays a big part in comics to me and Spider-Man. And even our visuals, like James laying, with the sun rising at the end like a sacrificed lamb or Toby in the second one being over the people in the tram like he’s Jesus. I mean it’s very much good and evil like I think is in a lot of religions. And also it’s about heroes and Peter is like everyman. I mean, when Spider-Man swings through the city its melancholic music. You know, he’s always tortured with his responsibility and he’s trying to grow up and be a man with these powers and then you have, you know, I could compare it to like Superman. When he flies through the air it’s like happy music, you know what I mean? But Spider-Man is always tortured with his work and tortured and so that makes him a human you know, and you don’t separate the man from mask. He’s always been in sync for me when it comes to Peter.

How do interpret where Peter and Mary Jane are at the end of this film? It’s a little ambiguous.

Which I love because that’s relationships. It’s not cut and dry.

So is that how you see it then?

Yes, completely. Yep.

What was your experience like in Tokyo?

I loved it. I mean I went earlier than the cast so I could go to Kyoto and like, visit the temples and we went on the train and saw Mt Fuji and I mean, that’s so visual. And they respect Spider-Man. They love Spiderman in Tokyo. They just love comics. They are so into all of the things that – so I though it was appropriate that we had our premiere there.

What challenges do you face at this point in your career trying to find the right character?

I don’t deliberate so much. I’m very instinctual. So I’m not like career planning.

What kind of characters are you drawn to then and what women do you hope to play?

It’s not even about the specific – for me it’s about the story and the director as is in the film.

What are you signed up for now?

I’m doing a movie with Simon Pegg. He was in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and we’re doing a comedy based on this book called How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Are you his girlfriend in that?

No I work at the magazine, Vanity Fair, which isn’t called Vanity Fair really, but …

Is it fun for you to show a comedic side?

Oh I love comedy. I mean it’s such a well written script and I was just like ‘Yes!’ before I finished it. And I’ve always loved comedies though. I just, I want to do something fun next.

And after Spidey? Did you do something since?

No. I took a break. I was at school and stuff like that ….

You were at school?

Yeah I went to an art school?

What’d you do?

Painting and drawing. It was fun.

I’m curious about Japan. Was it easy for you to be anonymous there or were people coming up and trying to talk about Spiderman?

Right, it’s all how you roll, you know, like I mean

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