Women’s Cancer Research Fund

So sorry it’s been a while everyone. I finally had a minute to myself. Well, although there are still other things I should be doing and I haven’t even started any christmas shopping! Ahh. Anyway, in Kirsten news, as I posted previously, the Marie Antoinette trailer is out. Very intriguing. I don’t care much for the logo though (being a designer and all) hehe, though it’s only a teaser, maybe it’s not finialised… tho movie looks brilliant. Very atmospheric much like Sophia’s movies. I also found a new photograph. Only MQ though. If anyone has Pacific, please can they grab me the HQ? awwww. Last Tuesday Kirsten attended Dior and EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund Celebrate the Launch of Dior Christal at the Getty Center. We only have a few photos. I think Kirsten looks better than ever, so bright eyed, full of colour and energy. We hope your happy Kiki and have a great xmas, party on! and same to all of you Kirsten fans! Much Love, Jess xxx