Spider-Man To Return…But Will Kirsten, Tobey & Sam?

Press reports state that “Zodiac” screenwriter James Vanderbilt has been chosen by Sony to write the screenplay for Spider-Man 4, and that the first draft of the screenplay is already complete. Laura Ziskin is believed to be producing again and Sony are apparently aiming to release Spider-Man 4 sometime in 2009. There is mounting speculation that Kirsten, director Sam Raimi, and Tobey Maguire may not return for the fourth installment of the franchise. Meanwhile back at the web-site :tongue:Jess will be adding this months newsletter later tonight. Recent additions to the gallery include promotional stills and behind the scenes pics from the films Elizabethtown and Marie Antoinette.We’ll have the screencaps from Spider-Man 3 online in the next few days but in the meantime i’ve just added HQ pics of the gorgeous and sexy Mario Sorrenti photoshoot that Kirsten did whilst filming Spider-Man 3.