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admin / April 25th, 2007

BBC News Entertainment.

admin / April 24th, 2007

Just a quick update… John and I both attended the premiere yesterday.. we will give you a full rundown on the event later this evening.. for now I have uploaded a few of my better images from the premiere in Leicester Square… along with some HQ press images too…Kirsten was absolutely adorable. I couldn’t have imagined her to be any sweeter to me… Awwwww Check back later 🙂

admin / April 23rd, 2007

SO. Today is the day. It’s the London premiere! Seeing as most of our team are actually from England we do get a little excited about Kirsten’s London trips! I know John will be attending… I will am, however, still undecided.. we shall just have to wait and see… Tomorrow, I’m sure though.. John will bring back 183749 photos of the day unfolding… and I’m hoping he gets himself a picture with Kirsten this time! :)Thanks to rsvp we have added some beautiful scans from Entertainment Weekly and Jane Magazine! Head to the Gallery…..!

admin / April 20th, 2007

The Forum is NOW OPEN.My greatest apologies for loosing all the information and user registrations.. it seems Rob has disappeared and after sending dozens of emails, I feel a new forum is better than none at all.

admin / April 20th, 2007

Thanks to Romina we learnt that Kirsten and Bryce are on the cover of JANE Magazine this month! Please if anyone is able to send us HQ scans we would much appreciate it! You can see some MQ’s over at !The shoot took place last December and was 40’s & 60’s inspired, although you’d never know it from the close-up shots in the mag. The article tag line is “Kirsten Dunst & Bryce Dallas Howard talk about being in their 20’s, dating arrogant actors & why Kirsten might soon be pregnant.” They interview each other for the piece…..A Huge Thank you to Johnny who is going to be helping us out with teh fourm and a new one should be set up in the next day or two – with a whole bunch of new features to follow! Everyone say ‘HI’! 🙂

admin / April 18th, 2007

Kirsten will be atending the following premieres: London. Rome. Marid. Stockholm Pairs and New York. source. Thanks to BryceFan.Com.

admin / April 18th, 2007

Kirsten attended the ‘Spider-Man 3’ Tokyo Press Conference & Photocall earlier today. She look stunningly sleek today in black with her hair pinned back. Later Kirsten and new boyfriend Johnny Borrell were together at the After Party. We have 3 photos of them together.The couple were rumored to have ended their one-month relationship over the Easter weekend when the Razorlight frontman returned to his longtime love Fabiola Gatti… these rumors are obviously untrue. (like many). We are still looking for a new ‘php admin’ for the site and forum. can you help?

admin / April 17th, 2007

The World Premiere for Spider-Man 3 was held earlier today in Tokyo. Kirsten looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous pink dress (by Lacroix we think)… see the images. John also added 45 images from Spider-Man 3 – US Press Conference.Also, we are desperately looking for a new ‘php admin’ for the site. Sadly our php guy has abandoned us, we haven’t heard from him in months and tragically our forums have occurred some major problems and I think we have no choice but to reinstall a new forum. Can anyone help or advise on a good secure install… please?

admin / April 13th, 2007 – A JULIA STILES FANSITE! (I helped a friend launch)Not long now until Spider Man 3 is released!! I will be doing a proper update over the weekend…. Kirsten attended a Spider-Man 3 Press Conference with Tobey Maguire on April 5th…(yay, she looks so happy!!)…and thanks to John we have some Premiere details: Tokyo on the 16th April, London on the 23rd, Stockholm on the 26th, and New York on the 30th. Not sure of the dates of the other 5 premieres yet. Tere (Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Madrid and New York… Sorry France, there is no Paris premiere this time)…. OH.. and the ever-so amusing newsletter is finally online. Again, yes, sorry, I know its the 12th today..

admin / March 30th, 2007

Sony Pictures has revealed the final Spider-Man 3 trailer at the Comcast website! We’ve also got a hi-res version of the latest artwork, (my hat goes off to the designers that worked on this). A huge thank you to Sara for capping the International trailer for us. DeeDee and rsvp for scanning in W Magazine for us.Kirsten is currently in London with her new love-interest rocker Johnny Borrell. Johnny Borrell, the frontman for the British indie rock group, Razorlight, met Kirsten last month when the band was touring the US. The pair hit it off immediately. A source speaking to US Weekly Magazine said, “Kirsten was there rocking out and just got really into him.” “She and her friends went right to the side of the stage and danced like crazy to every song. She was in a great mood, knew every word and was mesmerized by Johnny. She kept calling things out to him and giggling.” When the band finished their performance, Kirsten went back stage where the couple were seen getting very close. Borrell then was thought to have invited Kirsten along to the band’s next gig in Texas, at the South By South West festival. “They hated being apart and last Friday she flew to London. No one is sure how long she will be here for.” Last Sunday, two days, after arriving in London, Kirsten watched from the side of the stage while Johnny Borrell and Razorlight performed at an anti-slavery charity concert in London, ‘Voice Of Slavery’. After the gig Kirsten accompanied Johnny to Camden Caners scene hang out, The Hawley Arms pub.On Wednesday night, the couple dined at posh fish restaurant J. Sheekeys, before downing a few pints at the nearby historic Lamb And Flag pub, which has been standing in the capital’s Covent Garden region for over 300 years.In other news relating to Kirsten’s future projects she said these statements in an interview: Q: What’s happening with your upcoming Paramount film about relief worker Marla Ruzicka, who advocated for Iraqi and Afghani victims?A: ” (Marc E. Platt) is producing that, and I went in to talk with him about it. I just fell in love with her as a woman. To want to volunteer at 24 of your own accord? I don’t know anybody who would volunteer like that.”Q: Is it true that you want to play Deborah Harry in a biopic of her band, Blondie? A: “Yeah. I met with Debbie in Miami, and we both hit it off. We’re both Jersey girls, and she wants me to play her. It’s like the most amazing thing! I will work so hard, because she is the coolest woman of all time!”

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