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(Here’s my slightly ropey translation of part of Kirstens interview from the October 2014 Brazilian edition of Glamour magazine).

We went to the land of cinema for a chat with one of the main stars of this generation and found she’s even more amazing than she looks!

Kirsten Dunst, at first glance, seems to be one of those cool movie stars who was born under the spotlight. But we went to Hollywood to uncover what’s behind the pretty face who has won so many hipsters directors.

And oh, you know: she is more like any girl in her 30s than we thought. She puts her career first but is dying to have children – and shakes with excitement about the pregnancy of her friends. Gives special attention to her hair and hates her belly. Complains about the difference that the film industry has in relation to men and women, had a heavy depression, lives close to her mother. Despite the fact that at 32 years old, with a 30 year career already, and the first kiss of her life was with Brad Pitt at age 11, she is almost like a friend of our class, go!

Here are some highlights of our delightful interview for Glamour October, which is on newsstands now!

Glamour Brazil: You have maintained a very private life. You go to the grocery store, to the beach?

Kirsten Dunst: Yes, of course. It also has to do with how you behave. The older I get, the less I want attention on me. Unless it’s for professional reasons. In my personal life I can go unnoticed quite easily.

Glamour Brazil: There was a time when you thought, “My God! Look what I’ve achived (Kirsten is 32 years old with a 30 year career) I’m so proud of myself!”?

Kirsten Dunst: Um, I was pretty proud of my work on “Melancholia” (2011). I felt I had really done something new as an actress. There are few directors who write parts like that. Pedro Almodóvar, Lars von Trier [of "Melancholia"] …. Well, I can not think of anyone else who writes interesting female characters as well.

Glamour Brazil: How did you get the invitation to do “Melancholia”? Do you have to test for these things?

Kirsten Dunst: I got a call saying that Lars von Trier wanted me to do his film. It was incredible! I was filming in Montreal, we just talked on skype and rolled. And let me tell you … I’ve had to fight for characters with other actors. This time it was like … Wow, that easy! [laughs!]

Glamour Brazil: Have you had to fight for a role?

Kirsten Dunst: I had to audition for the last film in which I worked, Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols, scheduled to debut in 2015.

Glamour Brazil: Wow, an actress like you still does tests?

Kirsten Dunst: Sometimes. Believe me, I do not like it. Not fun. I hate it. But (as it was) made ​​by Jeff. Not something I normally do.

Glamour Brazil: Tell me something about the modu operandi of Hollywood that still surprises you?

Kirsten Dunst: It’s much easier to be a man in the industry. Because women undergoes many criticisms. They (men) just wear suits and all is right. Girls need to pay attention to the clothes, the hair, the look … Does she still look young? Did she gain weight when she became pregnant? We are so criticized. Nowadays it’s the same for young actors. Have a whole patrol on top… Pity! When you think about the actors of the 80s … They were the devil and nobody cared. And the 70s then? It was way cooler.

Glamour Brazil: If you had to draw a timeline of your life, what would be the most memorable moments?

Kirsten Dunst: Definitely when I moved to Los Angeles [the actress grew up in New Jersey]. I was about 10 years. My first major role was at aged 11 Getting Claudia in “Interview With the Vampire” (1994) was a great time! It was a huge role to get at that age, that changed my life forever. Well … and it was my first kiss. My first kiss was with Brad Pitt!

Glamour Brazil: Kirsten, you had depression and even spent time at a clinic in 2008 What advice would you give someone who is going through the same situation?

Kirsten Dunst: I never talk about the reasons that led to depression, but I must say, seek help as soon as possible. Go straight to the focus of the problem and cut it in the bud.

Glamour Brazil: Do you want children?

Kirsten Dunst: Very much. Two of my best friends are pregnant. Incidentally, all around me is pregnant! But I’m very traditional, so I want to get married before having babies.

Glamour Brazil: And you want a wedding with garland type (the actress is dating actor Garrett Hedlund)?

Kirsten Dunst: I do not want a big party, I prefer a little. Because of who will pay for the party … I will [laughs!]

Glamour Brazil: What is your idea of ​​paradise?

Kirsten Dunst: Being on holiday! Let’s see … In Jamaica, Bali, Brazil … are places I’ve always wanted to visit.

Glamour Brazil: Come to Brazil!

Kirsten Dunst: I need to know the island Walter [Walter Salles, who directed her in "On the Road" (2011) and has an island in Angra dos Reis] says that his family has an island paradise. He invited me to go!

(The magazine also features a lovely photoshoot of Kirsten by the Riker Brothers. I’ll get the magazine scanned as soon as I can get hold of it but in the meantime I’ve added part of the photoshoot to the gallery).


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There are some perks of the job Kirsten Dunst enjoys more than others, and hanging out in hotels is one of them.

“I love hotel living I am not going to lie,” she says over the phone from New York where she is doing press for The Two Faces of January, a new film based on a Patricia Highsmith novel that co-stars Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac.

“You don’t need to leave. You can do everything here. There’s a gym downstairs. It’s cosy. I can order in, and to me, there is nothing more luxurious or nice than ordering something and someone bringing it up to you.” She laughs. “I’ve even had times where I have stayed in hotels in Los Angeles just to have a vacation, or a staycation, just for two nights. You know, I can hang by the pool and order a club sandwich. And my job, since most of it is reading, I’m always happy to coop up.”

As someone who’s been acting since she was an infant — she racked up her first credit at the age of one — Dunst could look at performance as an integral part of her being, but the 32-year old says the world looks a lot different, and a lot broader, when you get older.

“I love what I do and I feel I am in a steady place right now. I think I am pretty steady. I’m there. You know? I am not the new person, but I don’t feel like I have done it all, either. I also find a lot of the opportunities that have come my way are the result of the relationships I have made, and am making, which makes everything more of a community to me,” she says.

“That’s a new feeling for me. And I feel the opportunities are exciting, so I guess I feel confident in my career but I don’t feel settled in any way.”

And how could she? Dunst is flying all over the map in terms of material, from parts in Portlandia and Anchorman 2, to Midnight Special, the new film from Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter) that also stars Michael Shannon, Adam Driver and Joel Edgerton.

“You have to take chances. But I have to say, since the Spider-Man movies finished, and I just use that as a landmark, I have to say all my choices movie-wise, I’ve had a good experience on every one of them,” she says. “And more and more, it’s not so much about the role but about the people you are working with, and their talent and their commitment to the cause. Like if I don’t feel everyone is working hard to make the very best movie we can, then I’m not going to enjoy it, and if I’m not enjoying the experience, I probably won’t be any good in it.”

Fortunately, Dunst says she’s fallen in with an amazing group of friends, from the likes of Sofia Coppola to her recent turn with Mortensen and Isaac.

“This is the kind of movie where I wasn’t, like, I have to play Collette. I just loved the story and wanted to be part of telling the story. I’d wanted to work with Viggo as well. And there was an intelligent writer, and Working Title were producing, and everything about the movie was classy.”

Dunst says you have to figure out where you want to align yourself creatively, and stick to your guns.

“I made my own choices as a child actor as well, but I have more of an education in film now so my choices are different, but I have always done what I wanted to do. It’s true. Not that I got to do every movie I wanted to do. But I know what I want,” she says.

“Like recently I was asked if I wanted to do a movie in Canada in the winter time in the forest, and it was like, um, no.” Dunst laughs. “I can’t just do a movie to do a movie anymore.”

There has to be some mental meat, some deeper challenge, to make it meaningful.

“Acting can be very cathartic. I get to work out so many of my feelings and a lot of people don’t get to. I think it is very healthy in some ways. It’s almost like doing therapy. You have to access parts of yourself to figure things out, and because I do a lot of preparation by myself, by the time I step on set I feel like a racehorse ready to go.”

But you have to be careful, she says.

“I remember after doing Melancholia everyone wanted me to play all these sad girls and I just wanted to do something funny. So I did Bachelorette. I’d never played a bitch before.”

Katherine Monk,

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“The Two Faces of January” begins its limited release in U.S cinemas today. Here is the (probably incomplete) list of theatres that will be screening the film in the U.S during the next few weeks. The film is also still available to watch On Demand & on iTunes, & is now out on Blu-ray & DVD in the UK.

I’ve added another Italian poster for the film to the gallery.