New Candids: Kirsten In Los Angeles

I’ve added to the gallery pics of Kirsten with her friend Nellie in Los Angeles yesterday.


New Candids: Baby Shower In Los Angeles

I’ve added to the gallery pics of Kirsten leaving a Baby Shower (for best friend Molly I think) in Los Angeles on Saturday.


Sad News

Very sad to hear of the death of actor & comedian Robin Williams.

The Bling Ring Blu-ray Screencaps

I’ve added to the gallery Blu-ray Screencaps of Kirstens uncredited brief cameo role in “The Bling Ring”.


Kirsten Covers Red Magazine

Kirsten is on the cover of the September 2014 issue of “Red” magazine, which goes on sale in the U.K tomorrow. I’ve added the cover to the gallery & here’s part of Kirstens Red magazine interview.

Modern Muse

Chill out, watch movies in bed and make sure you have a great pair of jeans… Kirsten Dunst’s happiness manifesto sounds pretty good to us. Rosamund Dean meets the very sorted star.

Few actresses have had as many iconic roles as Kirsten Dunst. As muse to director Sofia Coppola, she starred in the beautiful, tragic The Virgin Suicides and as a very rock ’n’ roll Marie Antoinette. She has been in some of cinema’s most visually impactful moments: just think of that memorable kiss with a rain-drenched, upside-down Spider-Man. And, in recent film The Two Faces Of January, Dunst became a serious summer style crush with her slim-cut 1960s dresses and wide-brimmed boater hats.

Sitting in London’s Soho Hotel on a stifling afternoon, dressed in a distinctly more 2014 look of black jeans, Burberry shirt and Saint Laurent blazer, Dunst flashes me that famous dimpled, snaggletooth grin. She’s here in the UK for the whole of the summer, hanging out with her actor friends, and loving every minute if it.

‘It’s perfect because Oscar [Isaac, with whom she starred in The Two Faces Of January] is here filming the new Star Wars movie, and I’m here because my boyfriend’s working in London all summer,’ she says of her other half, actor Garrett Hedlund, who’s busy filming Peter Pan back-story blockbuster Pan. ‘I’ve told Oscar to get an apartment in our neighbourhood so we can all hang out together.’

Dunst and Hedlund have been together since meeting on the set of On The Road in 2011, in which she played his unhappy wife who was left holding the baby while he cavorted off with his beat-poet friends. ‘Garrett and Oscar have been friends for years,’ she explains, tucking her tousled blonde hair behind her ear, ‘and also Max Minghella [the actor son of late director Anthony Minghella] is a really good friend of mine and he’s here, too. So me, Max, Garrett and Oscar are this funny little group that are spending summer together in London…’

Rosamund Dean, Red Magazine


Two Faces Of January Promotional Stills

I’ve added two more promotional stills & another Italian poster for “The Two Faces of January” to the gallery.


August Newsletter

I’ve added this months newsletter.

New Candids: Kirsten In Los Angeles

I’ve added to the gallery pics of Kirsten & a friend leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles on Wednesday.


New Candids: Kirsten, Molly & Clint In Los Angeles

I’ve added to the gallery pics of Kirsten, with best friend Molly & her husband Clint, in Los Angeles on Saturday. Looking swell Molly!


New Candids: Kirsten In Malibu

I’ve added pics of Kirsten with some friends in Malibu last Friday to the gallery.