Thanks to Denise for the new paparazzi stills of Kirsten having lunch with her her dad in LA. She looks so happy when she got a bag of her favorite German sweets, Katjes, Licorice Cat Paws. They also shared books and photos over lunch. Awww. Kirsten will be on the cover on September’s W magazine. Previews of the article and small pics can be found at www.style.com The mag is on newsstands on Friday, please please can someone scan the mag in hq for me, i’d just love to get to work on a new layout using this new shoot. email to me here pretty please. Kirsten will also be presenting at the VMA’s on Aug 28th. As well as the Venice Festival, Elizabethtown will have it’s North American Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival to be held early next month (8th-17th i think). Not sure of any other upcoming’s, however i will keep you posted. We are working on something new and fabulous for the site, should be launching it Sept 1st. We are currently adding pics, (as always), latest’s include Caps of Deeply and behind scenes Interview, some rare elizabethtown articles and some golden old event photographs…more to come.