New Layout!

Yes, another new layout! I know everyone was fond of the previous one.. but I felt we needed a change. The previous design took a while to load, which became a little annoying for visitors. This time I went for simple and white. I haven’t had a white layout before, so I think I like it. I know the text might be a little small for a few of you. If it is, be honest and I will see what I can do…Kirsten related, I have a really nice interview sound clip that you can download here. Thanks to Collider.com. Kirsten talks about Spiderman 3 and also her upcoming projects. “I’m directing my first short this summer. It’s a ghost story. “They’re totally giving me carte blanche. I pick the letter. I write my script. I pick everyone I want to collaborate with, it’s great.” The film will be part of the Reel Moments series, a project run by Glamour magazine which showcases short films made by women based on readers’ stories. Michelle Williams is planned to star in the film.Kirsten was spotted filming in London yesterday. Clarisse found these pictures, but they are tagged, we will find some untagged ones and add them to the gallery tomorrow. Apparently the production team wanted Kirsten to sit in the back seat of the car, she was having none of it and insisted that she sat up front. lol.Tomorrow I will add a translation of the German article featuring Kirsten’s grandparents, thanks Jasmin! We also finished the June newsletter, so take a read.