Movie Clip

Things are incredibly busy for me right now, but I’ve just completed one of 3 minor projects for my degree! and it’s my birthday in 2 days! Waayy! 22! Having a little party at my holiday apartments with some good friends, right on the beach, fireworks and a bonfire.. Guy Fawks baby! Mmmm I Cant wait! I added a few photos o Kirsten, Molly and Liat eating lunch with funny ears, and then one pic from a Halloween Party, with Kiki (and I think Liat) dressed up as cats! (I went as a mommy to mine), anyway I also wanted to update to show you guys this interview. Thank you so much Rachel for asking these questions..teehee… I’m chuffed yet again, and Molly, Liat and Kirsten – I’m glad my picture hunting has paid off and entertains you guys so much! I just hope you don’t think it’s too weird from my behalf! I do get some great fashion tips from you girls, plus the fans love it too… and it keeps the site busy..check it out, anyway more pics soon! Hehe, catch you after the weekend, love jess xxx