Movie Campaign

It seems Kirsten is back in LA now, as she was hassled again by the paparazzi when shopping with Liat. I have added a new photoshoot by Melanie Dunea (shame about the quality though) and also some photos from Kirsten’s appearance on TRL in London. I’m really sorry that the forums and kikiclips are down, they will be back on Monday, it’s just that the bandwidth is all out this month! The sites just been soo busy this month! Hehe… but yay! Thanks rsvpjrdot for the gorgeous InStyle scans, what a great article too. I have started a section in the gallery of Kirsten with her fans, so if you have been lucky enough to have your photo taken with Kirsten, please email it to me so I can add it to the album. I hope Kiki has put her feet up and is going to relax a little now, it’s much deserved. I believe she starts filming SpiderMan 3 in January, and there are rumours that she is to play real-life US aid worker Marla Ruzicka, who was killed in a suicide-bomb attack in Baghdad in April, in a new Hollywood movie about the war in Iraq. Marie Antionette isn’t due out until October next year, and I am already soo excited about this movie, I’m even trying to base my degree’s final year project on the movie. I’m hoping to get some connections, in order for me to create a movie campaign, (posters, website, and other promotional materials), I believe no designer would have the passion to make this movie as beautiful as I would want it to be. If anyone is able to help me, please please email me, it would mean an awful lot to me, if only to have access to some HQ photograph stills, I would then be able to work on some designs. I also want to say thanks to everyone for your kind comments about me (seeing Kirsten). Your all such great supports of the site, and it wouldn’t have come this far without many of you.