Marie Antoinette Screening

On Tuesday evening Kirsten attended a special Marie Antoinette screening at the Arclight Theatre, Los Angeles. I am all for Kirsten’s look at the moment, it’s fabulously gorgeous! John has added a wonderful set of images. I also wanted to appologise for no newsletter this month. We will do a double-bill this month. I have given the gallery a fresh new look featuring Kirsten’s shoot for ‘Another Magazine’. I wanted to congratulate Stephen Huvane and his partner on their marriage last weekend. Stephen is Kirsten’s publicist and I think he may have been with Kirsten at the London Film Festival last year. Lastly, a shout out to anyone that may have any ‘official news’ re the UK premiere for Marie Antoinette? Please email me at webmaster@kirsten-dunst.org if anyone can help me. I would love to attend for exclusive coverage etc for the site. Thank You so much!! Jess