Kirsten Shares Her Thoughts On Seeing The Spider-Man Franchise Reboot

In a lengthy interview with Herald Scotland, Kirsten Dunst has elaborated further on how she feels about upcoming reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. After all, it was only four years ago that she and Tobey Maguire were starring in Spider-Man 3 under the direction of Sam Raimi! Here is a brief excerpt from the interview, although you can read the full version (where Dunst talks in detail about her latest movie, Melancholia) by clicking on the link below.

So does it feel strange that The Amazing Spider-Man – as it’s called – is under way without her? “I actually met the people who are playing in Spider-Man and I think they’re great actors,” says Dunst. “It’ll be a fun movie. But it’s weird. Usually it happens when people are much older. I’m only 29! It’s like, ‘We need younger, fresher!’ It’s a totally different take on it. It’s not Mary Jane and Peter. It’s Gwen Stacy and Peter.” Will she see it? “Of course. I should go to the premiere,” she jokes.

We’ve obviously known for a while that Dunst wouldn’t be back as Mary Jane Watson, but does hearing from her again make you wish work had gone ahead on Spider-Man 4? Are you happier with the reboot which will instead focus on Gwen Stacy, played by Easy A and Zombieland star, Emma Stone? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!