Kirsten On The Capital FM Breakfast Show

This morning Kirsten was a guest on the London edition of the “Capital FM Breakfast Show” on Capital FM radio. The show was hosted by Dave Berry & Lisa Snowden & Kirsten’s segment was recorded last Wednesday.

The Capital FM website has a great (& very funny) video clip of Kirsten appearing on the show & also an audio clip of Kirsten singing the Miley Cyrus song “Wrecking Ball”.

During the audio clip Lisa Snowden mentions that Kirsten will be “working” in the UK until August. I’m guessing this is the “really exciting & surprising” project that Kirsten mentioned earlier this year. (John rushes off to check for upcoming UK based movie productions!).

Oh and thanks to Dave Berry for confirming how Kirsten’s first name should be pronounced. That was one of the questions I wanted to ask at the “Two Faces of January” Special Screening last week but I lost my nerve! As I thought almost everyone mispronounces her name but Kirsten must be so used to it now I doubt she even notices!

I’ve added a lovely pic of Kirsten with Dave & Lisa to the gallery.