Kirsten Not At “How To Lose Friends” Premiere

As some of you may have gathered by now Kirsten did not attend this evenings premiere. In fact only Simon Pegg and Gillian Anderson from the main cast were at the premiere.Sincere apologies to everyone who went specifically to see Kirsten. The UK publicity department for the film have given us a LOT of very inaccurate and misleading information about both this evenings premiere and a press conference held earlier today.I know some of you have spent a considerable amount of money (and time) both travelling to the premiere and getting overnight accommodation, and I feel really bad about that. If you have please contact me and I’ll gladly fully recompense you financially.Once again many many apologies for giving out (what’s turned out to be) incorrect info.I’m off to get very very drunk and then pay a visit to a certain UK publicity department……..