Kirsten is in London!

Sony Pictures has revealed the final Spider-Man 3 trailer at the Comcast website! We’ve also got a hi-res version of the latest artwork, (my hat goes off to the designers that worked on this). A huge thank you to Sara for capping the International trailer for us. DeeDee and rsvp for scanning in W Magazine for us.Kirsten is currently in London with her new love-interest rocker Johnny Borrell. Johnny Borrell, the frontman for the British indie rock group, Razorlight, met Kirsten last month when the band was touring the US. The pair hit it off immediately. A source speaking to US Weekly Magazine said, “Kirsten was there rocking out and just got really into him.” “She and her friends went right to the side of the stage and danced like crazy to every song. She was in a great mood, knew every word and was mesmerized by Johnny. She kept calling things out to him and giggling.” When the band finished their performance, Kirsten went back stage where the couple were seen getting very close. Borrell then was thought to have invited Kirsten along to the band’s next gig in Texas, at the South By South West festival. “They hated being apart and last Friday she flew to London. No one is sure how long she will be here for.” Last Sunday, two days, after arriving in London, Kirsten watched from the side of the stage while Johnny Borrell and Razorlight performed at an anti-slavery charity concert in London, ‘Voice Of Slavery’. After the gig Kirsten accompanied Johnny to Camden Caners scene hang out, The Hawley Arms pub.On Wednesday night, the couple dined at posh fish restaurant J. Sheekeys, before downing a few pints at the nearby historic Lamb And Flag pub, which has been standing in the capital’s Covent Garden region for over 300 years.In other news relating to Kirsten’s future projects she said these statements in an interview: Q: What’s happening with your upcoming Paramount film about relief worker Marla Ruzicka, who advocated for Iraqi and Afghani victims?A: ” (Marc E. Platt) is producing that, and I went in to talk with him about it. I just fell in love with her as a woman. To want to volunteer at 24 of your own accord? I don’t know anybody who would volunteer like that.”Q: Is it true that you want to play Deborah Harry in a biopic of her band, Blondie? A: “Yeah. I met with Debbie in Miami, and we both hit it off. We’re both Jersey girls, and she wants me to play her. It’s like the most amazing thing! I will work so hard, because she is the coolest woman of all time!”