Kirsten Dunst & the girls of Bachelorette talk to PopSugar at the New York Premiere

Our friends at PopSugarTV met up with Isla Fisher and Kristen Dunst at the premiere of their new film Bachelorette, Allie Merriam got a chance to talk to the girls, along with their co-star Lizzy Caplan, about the portrayals of female friendships in the dark comedy. Hear what the girls had to say here.

In Bachelorette, unresolved issues between four high school friends come roaring back to life when the least popular of them gets engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City and asks the others to be bridesmaids in her wedding.

Bachelorette Film Page @ The Fan Carpet

Bachelorette is out now in America on VOD & in cinemas from this friday.