It’s Hair Day again

Kirsten has died her locks a reddish-brown for the filming of Spider-Man III. To the gallery I have added screen caps from Kirsten 2000 movie, Lover’s Prayer. Thanks to Ralf for taking screencaps from an uncredited (and very brief !) appearance Kirsten made in the film The Day After Tomorrow. John has added various pictures from 2000 events such as the Sundance film festival and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Huuge thank you to Angharad from Devoted to Natalie Ramsey for awarding us as site of the month! (our first award for 2006)! I appreciate it so much! I awarded About Emma site of the moment, well done Rowan, she has really done a great job on this Emma Watson site! It’s back to uni for me tomorrow, good luck to everyone for the new year of 2006! I’ll try and keep you posted with any new goodies and John will be adding more photos over the next few weeks im sure. xxx