I met Kirsten!

Hi Everyone! Im back from London!I really truly did not expect to meet Kirsten! (Especially after the Wimbledon Premiere last year)… I was feeling a little worse for-ware on Thursday, but at 6am my friend and I strolled down to Leicester Square where I met Marc, John and Phil. John (as kind as always) gave up his spot for me so I could stand at the front… When Kirsten arrived she look absolutely beautiful (Ugg.. how much I want that dress!) she so great with the crowds, signing autographs, talking to everyone and when she got to me, it was so cool. I think I was completely thrown back after I introduced myself, she was so excited and enthusiastic with me! I just really didn’t know what to say.. but it was great, she was great! I’m so pleased, i’ve got a very cool photo and I’ve even found some professional photos of Kirsten talking to me! Which is super cool. It all seems so sereal, she is just the person I imagined, she’s beautiful, cool, down to earth and so genuine.. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a cool reaction from her. I know many of you want to know exactly what she/I said, so I will transcript it for you here. In a way I didn’t want to do that as I just hate to think of myself as a ‘fan’ – that brand is so unfair and really not me and I am honestly just a normal girl. I cringe at the fact I met Kirsten with a pen in my hand, asking for a photo and standing behind a railing, but hey…. she is amazing and deserves much more than even the credit this site tries to give her. I would like to thank Kirsten for coming to London to promote the movie. Im so pleased you make the effort to come here. I’d also like to thank John and Phil for making this possible, both of you know I myself wouldn’t have been able to get all the way to London without your help, let alone to go into the Odeon and actually see the movie! Which was absolutely fantastic by the way. Kirsten was superb, an excellent performance and just wow what a cute role for her, I was so impressed. To read more go to the forum, and to see photos of me meeting Kisten, click here. yay.In other news, check out the interview at aced magazine. (The last few paragraphs Kirsten actually refers to the site! Wayy). Kirsten WAS on MTVs TRL show last night at 6pm. She then did a quick change and attended an Elizabethtown press junket with Orlando. I’m fairly certain these events would have clashed with the time the Jonathan Ross show is recorded, so that’s probably why she dropped out of the show. Ill be back with more news later. Enjoy all the new photos in the galllery.