John / September 24th, 2014

Last night Kirsten was a guest on “Conan”. I’ve added a few promo pics to the gallery & you can watch part of Kirsten’s interview below (Kirsten has quit smoking again!). You can watch more of Kirsten’s interview at & if you live in America you can also watch the full show.


John / September 21st, 2014

Drastic and harrowing events in a person’s life often push them into complete defeat, but their underlying heroic tendencies often help them maintain their most dignified characteristics. The impassioned exploration into the emotional contradictions and shortcomings of a person as they strive to maintain their humanity is grippingly showcased in the new thriller, ‘The Two Faces of January.’ The thriller marks the feature film directorial debut of famed screenwriter, Hossein Amini, who also adapted the script for the movie from Patricia Highsmith’s 1964 novel of the same name. The filmmaker worked with the movie’s main stars, including Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, to emphasize the flaws of their characters, including their irrational jealousy and paranoia, in a way that would still allow audiences to empathize with their fear and heartbreak.

‘The Two Faces of January’ follows a glamorous American couple, the charismatic Chester MacFarland (Mortensen) and his alluring younger wife, Colette (Dunst), who are enjoying their vacation in Athens in 1962. While sightseeing at the Acropolis, they encounter Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a young American who’s working as a tour guide in Greece. Since he also scams gullible female tourists on the side to make extra money, he’s drawn to Colette’s beauty. He’s also impressed with the wealth and sophistication of her husband, who reminds him of his father.

While eating dinner with the MacFarlands, Rydal realizes that all’s not what it initially seems with them. When the young con later visits the couple at their exclusive hotel, Chester persuades him to help move the body of a seemingly unconscious man, who he claims attacked him first. Rydal agrees to help in the heat of the moment, but quickly begins to doubt his decision when events become more sinister. Finding himself to be in a compromising situation, he realizes he has an increasing infatuation with the vulnerable Colette, against his better judgment. The young adults’ bond stirs up Chester’s jealousy and paranoia, which leads to a dangerous battle between the two men. Along with their growing desperation to avoid a confrontation with the police, the two men are forced go on a frantic international journey to Istanbul, in an attempt to regain control of their lives.

Mortensen and Dunst generously took the time recently to talk about filming ‘The Two Faces of January’ during a roundtable interview at New York City’s Crosby Hotel. Among other things, the two actors discussed how they both embraced the fact that Colette was a much fuller character, and had a more significant influence on the overall story, than the way she was portrayed in Highsmith’s novel; how they agreed with Amini’s ideas about what film noir clichés he wanted to avoid, but also agreed with the elements he wanted to borrow from the best thriller genre’s best movies; and how the fact they knew each other, as well as Isaac, before they began filming helped make them feel more comfortable around each other on the set.

Question (Q): There are several different ways the movie could have been filmed, in terms of bringing the book’s story to the screen. What surprised you the most about the way the movie was made?

Viggo Mortensen (VM): What surprised me the most before we started film was that the movie company allowed us to shoot in all the actual locations. They don’t do that so much anymore, especially now with green screens-you can fake certain things.

Also, Greece is still undergoing a certain amount of turmoil that it was while we were there shooting. There are strikes and economic situations, so it was tough there. It’s also complicated to film in a city like Istanbul. It’s a crazy city, with all its back streets. But the city surprised me in a good way.

What didn’t surprise me was that Hoss(ein) did such a good job. I could see he was really prepared, way before we started.

Kirsten Dunst (KD): Yeah, in the beginning, he said, “I haven’t directed before because I haven’t wanted to. This is the only script that I’ve actually wanted to direct. That’s going to be it-I just want to direct this movie, and that’s it.” (laughs) Then on the first day of shooting, he’s like, “I like this, so I’m going to be doing more of this.” (laughs)

VM: He should. It’s one of the best (directorial) debuts I’ve seen.

KD: But what did surprise me, and I have to say is one of the sweetest things, is when we got off the plane-I think we first flew to England, then Greece and then the island of Crete-they were all waiting for me at the hotel. The camaraderie and support that was immediately within the group was so nice.

I had met Viggo before, because we were also both in ‘On the Road,’ but we didn’t have any work together. He also knew my boyfriend (their ‘On the Road’ co-star, Garrett Hedlund), and I already knew Oscar. So I immediately felt like I trust, and feel comfortable, with these people, which is very rare to happen.

Q: Viggo, since you played such a dark character, when the crew yelled cut, would you immediately be able to be yourself again?

VM: Oh, yes.

KD: He’s funny-we joked around a lot, and we had fun.

VM: We did have a lot of fun, and that doesn’t always happen. We ended up making a really interesting, original movie, and were making jokes and having fun. We also got to see beautiful places. Those things don’t often go together.

Q: What were some of the challenges you did face?

KD: Sometimes for me, I felt like it was all about the boys. Sometimes Colette is objectified, since she’s the only female.

But I wanted to be a part of this film because I loved the script so much, and Viggo was already attached. So I wanted to make Colette as much of a character as I could. But it’s also about the guys, so that was probably the hardest thing for me-I wanted to make her as full as possible, when she could have easily just been a throw-away character.

VM: Hoss started that, because in the book, there’s not many dimensions to her. She doesn’t have much class or elegance, or even intelligence, thoughtfulness or sensitivity. He brought it further for the film.

KD: That’s the same with Chester, too.

VM: In the begging of the movie, Chester was already a little of who he ultimately becomes. You already see him desperate and paranoid. It’s just not as interesting, and doesn’t give me somewhere to go as an actor. When you first see them, they look happy, and you think, what a great life they have, even though they don’t.

KD: What’s interesting is that when I watch movies that are only about boys, and there aren’t any interesting female characters, I don’t really end up liking it that much.

VM: It’s difficult with Patricia Highsmith, because the females in her stories aren’t typically as well-written or layered as the male characters. In this novel, Colette is a typical Highsmith female character, and is almost objectified. I think you made her much more deep in the movie.

KD: She is a little more interesting, as she’s a little bit more involved in the scheme, and you want to know about it.

VM: You’re affected by her as you’re watching the movie. In the book, she’s like, “I don’t care. I just want to find a way to get out of this.”

Q: One of the more interesting things you just mentioned was about bringing a complexity to your characters that wasn’t in the book. Can you both discuss the process of also working with Oscar, to develop your characters’ relationships?

KD: I knew Oscar from before this film. I knew him in a very familiar way, which was very comfortable. But it was interesting acting with you (turns to Mortensen) and Oscar, for me as an actress.

I naturally behaved very differently as I was doing scenes with the both of them. My being with the both of them was very different. I grow farther away from Viggo, and closer to Oscar.

VM: That was happening because of my paranoid behavior.

KD: Yeah, and Oscar’s there and he’s a young American. In my mind, we’ve been on the run for awhile, and we’ve obviously haven’t been to the States in a long time. Then here comes this young guy who knows New York, so there’s an immediate connection, just because of our age.

I also think the more Viggo becomes paranoid and pushes me away, the more I deter to Oscar to possibly take me out of here. But in my mind, I didn’t see that Colette had in her mind that she was going to run away with him. I always saw him as a possible way to get out of Greece.

Q: Were there any films from the 1960s that you watched to prepare for your roles?

KD: I watched ‘L’Avventura,’ which I hadn’t seen. I also looked at some fun 1960s fashion books, because we decided Colette was probably into fashion. We also surrounded ourselves with music from that time.

(Turns to Mortensen) You know what you were always good at? He would collect postcards from all over, and hang them up all over the hair and make-up departments. So we were always reminded in the morning of what we were seeing. That was a nice thing you did for all of us.

VM: I also watched some film noir stuff. It helped that Hoss is such a fan of that genre. I think he collects film noir posters in his house.

KD: Oh, I didn’t know that.

VM: He also knew what he wanted to avoid, in terms of clichés. But he also wanted to borrow from the best of them, and also bring his own thing. So there was a good fusion. This movie looks and feels totally right, in terms of the period and our behavior, dialogue and clothing.

But he wasn’t trying to make a retro exercise-he was trying to make his own kind of movie. In the subtle way it was shot, there is more. There’s a dynamic element to the cinematography. It’s subtlety keeps it classy. But there’s also an energy to it.

KD: The movie’s color is so pretty, too. It’s very ambitious.

Q: Kirsten would you like to get more scripts like ‘Bachelorette?’

KD: There is one comedy I’ve received, and it has a straight-up stoner girl comedy. It’s really funny, and I’m debating whether to do it. I don’t know yet if I’m going to do it.

But I love comedies, and I love making them. I don’t think there are enough good female ones. I love working with women, and you don’t even get to do that very often.

That’s part of the reason why I did ‘Bachelorette.’ I loved Lizzy (Caplain) on ‘Party Down.’ Now she’s obviously so successful with ‘Masters of Sex.’ I’ve always been a fan of Isla (Fisher), and she took a big hiatus and raised her kids.

I wanted to have fun with girls my age who are also actresses. You hardly ever get to work with other women, and that’s really nice. The dynamic is different, because you’re not playing the love interest. It’s fun to change it up.

Q: Can you talk about your upcoming projects?

KD: I did one movie this year, and it’s coming out next year. It’s called ‘Midnight Special,’ and it’s from the director of ‘Mud’ and ‘Take Shelter,’ Jeff Nichols.

VM: I have two coming up. Sometimes that happens-you have movies that were all spread out while you were shooting. Then all of a sudden, they come out at the same time, for some reason. I have one called ‘Jauja,’ and it’s a strange movie.

KD: The poster looks really cool. It went to Cannes, right?

VM: Yes.

KD: I remember seeing the poster, and my friend posted it on Instagram. You looked really cool. You play a Danish character, right?

VM: Yes, and it was my first Danish role. I play a Danish military guy in the 1880s. He goes to Argentina to work for their army, with is 15-year-old daughter.

Like most dads, he’s the last one to realize his little girl is becoming a woman, and the guys are checking her out. He freaks out, because they’re in the middle of nowhere, and there are all these soldiers. She runs off with this guy, and I go off to try to find her in the Indian territory of the desert.

I got to do my dad’s accent for that one, and it was hilarious. I speak Spanish and Danish in it. (Mortensen is of Danish descent, and speaks fluent English, Danish and Spanish.)

KD: I love that! Viggo does the funniest impression of his dad.

VM: My brothers’ are going to laugh when they see it.

KD: I’m going to laugh when I see it!

VM: Then the other one is called ‘Far From Men.’ I play a school teacher in Algeria in the ’50s.

Q: When you both make dramatic roles, how do you spend your down time when you’re not filming?

VM: We did have some nice times, and had dinner together.

KD: We did have dinners. When I’m doing something that’s very emotional, I like to take time for myself, and have my headphones in. But most of our scenes were relaxed.

VM: There were only a few scenes that were really intense. I think it’s healthy if you can let yourself off the hook, even if it’s for a few minutes once in a while to make some jokes.

KD: Doing that also keeps your energy up. I think if I wasn’t making jokes with everyone else, and was by myself all the time, I think my energy would start to drop. I was actually feeding stray cats in between set-ups on this film. (laughs)

VM: There were lots of stray cats where we were.

KD: The cats were everywhere in Greece, including the monuments. So one of the producers, Robyn (Slovo), and I would take the extra crafts services to feed the stray cats. (laughs)

Karen Bernadello,

I’ve removed a small part of the interview which contains a spoiler for the film. The full interview (including the spoiler) can be read here.

John / September 19th, 2014

On Tuesday Kirsten was a guest on “The View”. I’ve added some pics to the gallery & you can watch the video of Kirsten being interviewed on the show here.


John / September 18th, 2014

Yesterday (Tuesday) Kirsten was interviewed on “The Today Show”. I’ve added pics to the gallery & you can watch the interview here.


John / September 10th, 2014

The Fall/Winter issue of Vs. Magazine is on sale now. Kirsten is on the cover of the magazine & also features in a stunning Fashion Spread by photographer Kayt Jones.

Visit to see the Fashion Spread & read an interesting interview with Kirsten.

John / August 6th, 2014

Kirsten is on the cover of the September 2014 issue of “Red” magazine, which goes on sale in the U.K tomorrow. I’ve added the cover to the gallery & here’s part of Kirstens Red magazine interview.

Modern Muse

Chill out, watch movies in bed and make sure you have a great pair of jeans… Kirsten Dunst’s happiness manifesto sounds pretty good to us. Rosamund Dean meets the very sorted star.

Few actresses have had as many iconic roles as Kirsten Dunst. As muse to director Sofia Coppola, she starred in the beautiful, tragic The Virgin Suicides and as a very rock ’n’ roll Marie Antoinette. She has been in some of cinema’s most visually impactful moments: just think of that memorable kiss with a rain-drenched, upside-down Spider-Man. And, in recent film The Two Faces Of January, Dunst became a serious summer style crush with her slim-cut 1960s dresses and wide-brimmed boater hats.

Sitting in London’s Soho Hotel on a stifling afternoon, dressed in a distinctly more 2014 look of black jeans, Burberry shirt and Saint Laurent blazer, Dunst flashes me that famous dimpled, snaggletooth grin. She’s here in the UK for the whole of the summer, hanging out with her actor friends, and loving every minute if it.

‘It’s perfect because Oscar [Isaac, with whom she starred in The Two Faces Of January] is here filming the new Star Wars movie, and I’m here because my boyfriend’s working in London all summer,’ she says of her other half, actor Garrett Hedlund, who’s busy filming Peter Pan back-story blockbuster Pan. ‘I’ve told Oscar to get an apartment in our neighbourhood so we can all hang out together.’

Dunst and Hedlund have been together since meeting on the set of On The Road in 2011, in which she played his unhappy wife who was left holding the baby while he cavorted off with his beat-poet friends. ‘Garrett and Oscar have been friends for years,’ she explains, tucking her tousled blonde hair behind her ear, ‘and also Max Minghella [the actor son of late director Anthony Minghella] is a really good friend of mine and he’s here, too. So me, Max, Garrett and Oscar are this funny little group that are spending summer together in London…’

Rosamund Dean, Red Magazine


John / July 13th, 2014

(Here is the English translation of Kirstens “Marie Claire” interview. Many thanks to The Invisible Fan for the translation. I would just like to add my congratulations & best wishes to Molly (& her husband Clint!) now we have official confirmation that she is pregnant).

Kirsten Dunst, L.A. Girl

Los Angeles appeal led us to one of its angels, who lives on the verge of a quiet lake of The Valley. The image wavy of L’Oréal professionnel, the actress talked to us during a break in the filming of Jeff Nichols’s movie. Ultra-cool, ultra-blonde, and remarkable.

She grew up in The Valley and represents the California Girl raised in the open air and who has success in independant cinema. First movie at 6 year old for Woody Allen (who refuses to give her an ice-cream on stage), a movie kiss with Brad Pitt at 11 (“Interview With a Vampire” from Neil Jordan), “Virgin Suicides” at 17 (from Sofia Coppola), “Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3” (from Sam Raimi) for the commercial recognition, magnificent melancholic with an intimate resonance for Lars Von Trier (“Melancholia”)… she has built a career under the shell of the Los Angeles sun. A saturday in Hollywood, then, her feet in black flip-flops, and wearing a small flowered vintage dress, she appeared to give a kiss to her friends who were going to transform her into a princess for the magazine (and Nike free). [Note by John: I think this bit might actually mean Kirsten embraced the people doing her hair and make-up for the magazine shoot]. The hair creased by the week end torpor, XL glasses to face the ultra-blue sky with cactus, swimming pool, and a breathtaking view of Silver Lake. In the cinema in “The Two Faces of January” (from Hussein Amini), she speaks about herself, on a terrace in the shade, like an ultra-relaxed “L.A. Girl”.

Marie-Claire : How old were you when you arrived at Los Angeles ?

Kirsten Dunst : 10 years old, I grew up in The Valley.

What makes you an L.A. Girl ? 

California is very relaxed, and I think it rubs off on peoples personalities. We have mountains, a true sense of living outdoor, the weather is always good, no one worries about rain or cold. Okay, New-Yorkers say that sunshine softens our brains ! (Laughs). Here, people are not in a hurry, there is the beach… it is easy to get sucked into the idleness.

Where do you live ?

In The Valley. It’s quiet and with a family atmosphere. People who live here aren’t under the spotlight and don’t care to know who’s who. The other side of the hills (West Hollywood) is much too trendy for me.

What are your biggest daily pleasures ?

Nothing particularly exciting ! To spend time with my girlfriends, to do nothing, to go to the cinema, to hang with them at home, to eat. To spend time with my lover (Garrett Hedlund). I live close to my mum, I like to go and play with her animals. I’m very close to my family. When you are in this business it’s important to remain down to earth. Eventually to be close to your family is important for everyone.

But it’s not always easy ?

Sometimes my mother exasperates me beyond belief, but it’s nothing serious. A clear frame has to be set. She came and see me while I was filming in New Orleans, she lived in my room, we shared the same bed. I thought she would get on my nerves, but we had a great time.

You seem to live in the real world, which can be difficult for an actress. How do you do that ?

I’m very confident in myself. What drives an actress crazy is insecurity. Insecurity about her body, insecurity about her career. If I weren’t an actress, I’d have a life though. I love my occupation, it is very importance for me, but it doesn’t drive me crazy. I don’t do crazy diets. My hope is to have a true acting career, I’m not just into celebrity and into physique. My unique experience is from filming, but I don’t put in that all my value.

What are you addicted to : cigarettes, alcohol, sex, sport ?

I smoke a little bit, that’s very bad. I have to stop, it’s so stupid. It’s the only bad thing I do.

Is it difficult to resist drugs ?

No ! Drugs scare me. I know my body, it is so fragile. Even if it’s written on the box that you can take two aspirins, I only take one. I prefer a glass of champagne or a margarita to any drugs.

What do you dislike in yourself ?

When I haven’t worked for a while, I become a little bit depressed… If I wasn’t in love, I would probably be anguished. I am 32 and my mother asks me all the time “When will you have children ? We want to have grandchildren !” I reply “At least, I am with someone I love.” Some of my friends are older than 30 and don’t have boyfriends, that is very difficult in Los Angeles. At this age, you want to get married and have children.

Do you want to have children ?

My best friend, Molly, is pregnant – to your magazine I can tell – and I would have liked to be at the same time, so we could have stopped drinking together ! (Laughs). I’ll probably be in two years. With my brother, we have a difference of five years, and it’s too much. Nowadays, we get on well, but as kids, we used to kill one another. We pulled our hair to death. But perhaps with a smaller age difference it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Do you want to get married ?

I do ! I grew up watching Disney movies and this has always be my dream. I cannot wait.

Do you think it’s possible to spend one’s whole life with the same man ?

I like this idea very much. But who knows ? Maybe in 20 years, I’ll only speak about Divorce ! I think it remains possible if you manage to keep trust and desire. It also helps to be different from each other. I wish for my friends to find a man who is neither a musician, nor an actor, or a producer… rather a kind doctor, you see ! In Los Angeles, men are very feminine, and that’s a problem. They use cosmetics, pay attention to their appearence… it’s very difficult to find a manly man here.

What immediately attracts you in a man ?

His vibe, what he projects. But each time I fell madly in love, it turned bad. Conversely, each nice relationship has been nice because I learnt how to love the person, which took time. It’s not obvious to find a good guy, who treats women correctly, and has good manners. I like old school men, those who don’t let you pay the bill. Sorry, but that’s how it is !

And what do you find repellent ?

Having too much ego. It’s a deconnection with life, with all that happens around you.

As an actress, have you felt some pressures on your physique ?

Due to my way of life and the place where I live, I don’t feel any pressure. At certain moments, I know that I have to stop eating all I want, and go back to sport. The only pressure on me is any I set myself.

Did producers not put pressure on you?

No, thank God ! Ah, one day, someone told me : “You should go and see my dentist, he’s a genius and maybe he’ll be able to arrange your teeth”. I was in dismay. My mother wanted me to wear braces when I was a kid, I never did. Fortunately, I met Sofia (Coppola) who always told me on “The Virgin Suicides.” : “I love your teeth, I really love your teeth.” So if the coolest girl loves my teeth, fuck the hollywood producer who wants me to be perfect !

In “The Two Faces of January” your husband is a liar and a scammer. Could you fall in love with a bad boy ?

I already did, of course ! Some boys really played with my heart. And with my head. I was really foolish. I loved bad boys too much ! But I’m lucky, I have learnt quickly from my mistakes and illusions.

Can you tell me, in one phrase, who Kirsten Dunst is ?

I am a female human being. I think I am funny and intuitive.

John / July 8th, 2014

Kirsten is on the cover of “The Selfie Issue” of Flaunt Magazine which goes on sale on July 26th. The magazine features a great photoshoot by photographer Jason Hetherington (which I’ve added to the gallery) & an interesting interview with Kirsten that you can read here.


John / June 21st, 2014

(Here is the English translation of Kirsten’s “Madame Figaro” interview. Thanks to The Invisible Fan for the translation).

The child-star who became a superstar can play everything. In The Two Faces of January, she swims in troubled waters. Under the Californian sunshine, the glamorous actress, muse of l’Oréal Professionnel, confides herself.

Seeing a candid and smiling Kirsten Dunst arriving for breakfast, at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, it’s hard to conceive she has worked on movie-sets for nearly 3 decades – an eternity for one who has just turned 32. Cast for an advert (for cereals) at an age when her friends were just learning how to talk, chosen by Woody Allen some years after to portray his daughter in a short film (Oedipus Wrecks, based on the segmented-movie New York Stories), noticed at 12, for a troubling kiss received from Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, then established as a nymph at the age of 17 in Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin suicides, Kirsten Dunst was a child star. One of the most dazzling ever.

If there is a reality which is (unfortunately) verified so many times, it is the fact that the spotlight can burn unwise butterflies’ wings – ask Lindsay Lohan or Drew Barrymore… To play this game, you have to stay neither too close, nor too far from the light, and Kirsten has always played this game brilliantly. So when she had to negotiate the transition to adulthood, the actress just did it simply : red haired, and upside down for a mythical kiss – this time to Tobey Maguire – in one of the biggest success of the 2000’s – Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. After that, building her career with patience, between popular cinema and art-house movies, between bright characters and languid young women, she obtained the Best Actress Prize in Cannes in 2011, with her darkest role in Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia.

Having seen her so glamorous with Viggo Mortensen in The Two Faces of January, from Hossein Amini (in theatres on June 18th), and not less well dressed for the l’Oréal Professionnel hair care advert campaign, we expected to meet a superstar acting like a superstar. On the contrary, the one who answered our questions around a green smoothie was a charismatic, spontaneous, and charming young woman, and so disarmingly natural.

Madame Figaro – You’ve been acting for 29 years. What is your secret to last ?

Kirsten Dunst. – There’s no secret : everything depends on your choices. And the people that surround you. If you work with the right people you progress and last. It’s up to you. After Melancholia, do you know how many roles for depressed parts I was offered ? Fortunately, I did Bachelorette just after, a comedy, and this choice has relaunched me in other direction.

Would you like to do more comedies ?

Sure, but it depends on who the director is. Comedy requires a lot of energy, it’s harder than it looks. I think I’d like to do a film with Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, This Is 40).

A theory says each actor needs to be revealed to himself by a director, who can reveal his potentials. Who played this role for you ?

Without hesitation I would say Sofia Coppola with The Virgin Suicides. I was a teenager and she revealed the woman inside me, showing me what I was capable of, she has shaped me like no one else did. We’re still very close but, as she lives in New York, I don’t see her as often as I would like.

In 2011, you won the Best Actress Prize for Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, at The Cannes International Film Festival. Has this award Impacted on the way you are considered in Hollywood ?

No, not really… You know, Cannes is very far, very exotic. It does not have the same impact as the Oscars have. Conversely, for these who are closely interested in cinema, it is quite prestigious. So it hasn’t changed anything, but I am very proud of it !

Did you have a happy childhood, despite the fact you were working at a very young age ?

I was enrolled in normal schools, and I had a tutor when I was working on a film. In fact, I had a fairly normal adolescence. I was in high school, I was dancing, I had a very balanced group of friends.

And if you had kids, would you like them to follow the same path as yourself ?

That’s a complex question. Of course I would like them to be happy, and if playing comedy makes them happy, I won’t prevent them. But I won’t push them. Especially not when they are young. I experienced it myself, and even though things went well for me, it’s still very hard. Besides, I’m not sure I want to raise my kids in Los Angeles. If I hadn’t grown up in this city I think I would hate it. I’m currently filming in New Orleans a movie called Midnight Special, and it reminded me how nice it is to be able to move without being followed by a mob of paparazzi constantly.

Can you tell us more about Midnight Special ?

I play the mother of a child who possesses special powers and who is pursued. When the movie starts, I haven’t seen my son for two years, because I have been excluded from the christian sect we both belong to. It’s a movie dealing with fugitives, including fantastic elements. It looks a little like Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Are you proud of all your Films ?

I’ve probably done a few movies when I was young that I would not be particularly proud of today. However I accepted all of them for valid reasons. Some turned out bad but I learned from them. So yes, I’m proud of my choices. I grew up in a European atmosphere : my father is German, and my parents worked in Europe for a long time. It gave me a particular sensitivity, I think. I feel more appreciated, more special, in France. In the United States, if you are not in the latest superhero movie, people forget you. In France, it’s different, people still talk to me a lot about my former roles, or about more underground stuff.

What is your definition of glamour ?

To me, someone who is glamorous has self confidence without arrogance. It is something that should be natural, without effort. Without sounding smarmy, I find that the French often approach this ideal.

Which actress best symbolizes glamour ? 

The first that comes to mind is Charlotte Rampling. She’s one of the world most beautiful women in the world, even with the years. Moreover she’s extremely nice, it’s a joy to work with her. I also like Gena Rowlands, Anjelica Huston, Julianne Moore… confident women, who don’t try to prove anything. It is a quality that is lost among young actresses.

Which director would you like to work with ?

There are many… (she reflects). To start, Michael Haneke : he has a magnificent style and knows how to film actresses. And I speak german, I think it might be an advantage ! Also Quentin Tarantino.

That is a big difference !

Yes, so what ? This is precisely the pleasure of being an actress : you can go from one universe to another without being accountable.

Welcome, Fans

Welcome to Kirsten-Dunst.Org, the original and largest Kirsten Dunst fansite. In a career on film and television that spans the last four decades Kirsten has made herself a name with performances in Fargo, Interview with the Vampire, The Virgin Suicides, the Spider-Man franchise and Melancholia. Online for over 20 years, we have been lucky enough to meet Kirsten in person and she is as warm, kind and beautiful as you see on screen. The site is home to over 65,000 photos. John, Jess & Marc will continue to update you with all things Kirsten Dunst. Enjoy your visit and check back with us soon!

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Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
A recently widowed, impoverished Orlando water park employee schemes and cons her way up the ranks of the multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme which ruined her financially in the first place.
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The Bell Jar
Kirsten's feature film directorial debut
Starring: Dakota Fanning, Jesse Plemons, Bel Powley
A young woman finds her life spiraling out of control as she struggles with mental illness.
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