A Welcome Debut

Hi everyone. Yes Jess has finally gone completely insane and has allowed me to post messages here. Don’t worry I’m not taking over the running of the site or anything like that. However you will have to put up with my mad ramblings on here from time to time!.Anyway as I’m sure you all know Kirsten attended the premiere of ‘Welcome’ last night in Los Angeles. This is a short film she directed as part of Glamour magazines ‘Reel Moments’ series. Also attending were her fellow debut directors Kate Hudson and Rita Wilson, and all three of them looked very lovely. Among the other attendees were Kirstens Spider-Man 3 co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, and also six year old Lexi Jourden, who appears in the film and no doubt steals every scene!.I’ve added a load of pics from last night to the gallery and we’ll be adding many more tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A Welcome Debut

  1. kalle says:

    She is getting rave reviews! AT least on eonline.com they say that everyone was gushing about her film. I can't wait to see it! Ps. Thanks for this fansite!

  2. zoe says:

    I heard Winona Ryder was very great in it! Its good to see both of them working together once again!

  3. pauline says:

    i would like to be these girls who laugh with my kirsten dunst!!!

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